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Fire Safety
Toddlers and Tales



Welcome Song/Intro


Book: Fire Fighter Piggy Wiggy


Fingerplay/Flannel: The fireman 


Fingerplay: Ten Brave Firefighters

Ten brave firefighters sleeping in a row.
(Fingers curled to make sleeping men)
Ding, dong, goes the bell
(Pull down on the bell cord)
And down the pole they go.
(With fists together make hands slide down the pole)
Off on the engine, oh, oh, oh!
(Pretend you are steering the fire engine very fast)
Using the big hose, so, so, so.
(Make a nozzle with fist to use hose)
When all the fire's out, home so slow.
Back to bed, all in a row.
(Curl all fingers again for sleeping men)


Song:  Hurry, Hurry Drive the Fire Truck (Barney # 19)


Book: Clifford The Firehouse Dog


Flannel/Fingerplay: 5 Friendly Firefighters


Song: Shake Our Sillies Out


Book: The Great Big Fire Engine Book


Flannel: Down at the Firehouse

Action Rhyme: Fireman, Fireman turn around

Closing: If You’re Happy and You Know It (clap, stomp, wave)


Enrichment Activities





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